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Shamanic Wisdom - Shamans Explain Shamanism

Shamanic Wisdom: Shamans Explain Shamanism A couple of modern day shamans explain what the practice of shamanism is. Trent Deerhorn of ...

All About Shamanism - Terence McKenna

Terence's brilliant take on shamanism and how people should look at the shaman as an exemplar.

Shamanism as a Spiritual Path

Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices still being used today. What are the fundamental aspects of Shamanism and why is it relevant today?

Sandra Ingerman - Shamanism for the 21st Century

A few days ago, I had the honor of speaking with a woman who has made a profound impact on the world of shamanic healing over the past 30 years. Her name ...

How to Shamanic Journey - Five Steps for a Successful Shamanic Journey

http://www.ThunderWizard.com If you are interested in learning how to perform Shamanic Journeying, you need to learn the Five Essential Steps for a successful ...

Best Introduction to Shamanism

Narrye Caldwell, a certified teacher of Core Shamanism, gives the best explanation ever of what shamanism really is...and isn't. For more on ...

Jordan Peterson - The Shamanic Experience


10 Signs You’re a Shaman & Don’t Know It

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Shamans of Siberia: powerful healers chosen by spirits

More films about Siberia: https://rtd.rt.com/tags/siberia/ In windswept Siberia, shamans have for generations cured illnesses without touching their patients, sung ...

What a Shaman Sees in A Mental Hospital

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Shamanic Healing Caught On Video - Rare Footage

This is just amazing. A Shamanic healing caught on video.

The Intersection of Shamanism & Buddhism

In this talk, Isa Gucciardi discusses the commonalities and differences between shamanism and Buddhism. She covers topics such as the shamanic journey, ...

The Star Shamanism Transmission: Opening a Door into the Spirit Worlds.

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual path on the planet, it has been tried, tested and refined by almost every culture across the planet. Because of this ancient ...

Sandra Ingerman on Becoming a Shaman - Shamanic Training

http://thecenterforhealingarts.com Sandra Ingerman Shamanic teacher trainer. Get up close and personal. Learn from shaman film with deep training insights.

The Spirit of Shamanism - Spoken by Terence McKenna (Video)

The shaman is not merely a sick man, or a madman; he is a sick man who has healed himself.” - Terence McKenna Explore Your Youniverse Website: ...

Myths, Shamans and Seers: Phil Borges at TEDxRainier

Accompanied by his stunning photographs, Phil Borges tells the story of visiting and meeting traditional seers in many parts of the world. For over thirty years ...

What is Shamanism?

What is Shamanism? A mini doc about Al Romao & his shamanic journey and practice. A special thanks to David Dolan & Kathy Miller for all their help & letting ...

Shamanism: Journey in Dimensions talking to Spirits & Entities

Shamanism is a topic that is still more prevalent in anthropologic studies than in mainstream discussions of culture and society. For the western psyche, ...

Guided Shamanic Journey to the Akashic Field: Connect With Your Spirit Guides.

Headphones are strongly recommended for this video. Shamanic journeys to the Akashic Field have been used since ancient times to help people with their ...

What is Shamanic Witchcraft?

What is the difference between Shamanism and Witchcraft exactly? Aren't they two different magical techniques and practices? What happens when you put ...

The Three Worlds of the Shamanic Journey

Gerry Starnes, M.Ed., discusses the Three Worlds of the shamanic journey. Are you interested in living an authentic, heart-centered life? Learn more about ...

Improve Your Life Through Shamanic Practices

Join us for an experiential hour devoted to shamanic practices that can shift your life with instant results. Learn what Shamanism is…and isn't. It's not \

Celtic Shamanism, Irish Mysticism & The Faerie Faith

Jonny Enoch discusses Celtic Shamanism, Irish Mysticism and the Faerie Faith in Ireland.

Shamanic Studies: Basic Shamanic Journeying by Sandra Ingerman

http://intermetu.com/faculty/faculty-shamanism/sandra-ingerman-ma/basic-shamanic-journeying/ - Sandra Ingerman introduction to Shamanic studies online ...

Sandra Ingerman - Experiencing the Shamanic Journey

An introduction to Sandra Ingerman's online course, Experiencing the Shamanic Journey. Enroll in the self-guided, online course today: http://bit.ly/2ivXBvc Get ...

Shamanism and illness - Sandra Ingerman

Shaman and teacher of Shamanism Sandra Ingerman offer insight into illness from a shamanic view point. Clip from Shamanism Documentary ...

Re: Bone Kindred: SEITH Nordic-Druidic Shamanism

Re: Bone Kindred: SEITH Nordic-Druidic Shamanism: commentary is from a broadcast via: Northern Runes Radio.., BLACK EARTH PRODUCTIONS ...

Graham Hancock - Cave painting artists were shamans

VOD release of DMT: The Spirit Molecule in Oct 2011. Visit the official website for more updates: http://www.thespiritmolecule.com.

Shamanism & Schizophrenia

I walk the line.

144. Shamanic Tools: Journey of the Witch

Some important ritualistic items for the Shamanic Witch.

Shamanism in the Modern World


Shamanic Initiation

Scottish Shaman Michael Dunning shares the odyssey of shamanic illness and the spiritual gifts that he received from those experiences. Interview by Sylvia ...

What is Shamanism

FalconEye - What is Shamanism.

Shamanic Witchcraft by Barbara Meiklejohn & Flavia Kate Peters

A Shamanic Witch is someone who has always been drawn to nature, who embraces each season and naturally hears the whispers of spirit. The Shamanic ...

HeatherAsh Amara - Toltec & Shamanism

In this video, Kaia Mary Adams and HeatherAsh Amara Shamanism healing and Toltec meditation. Throughout this intriguing conversation with the best-selling ...

The Donso, Shamanism and Sibiri Samake

Sibiri Samake was born on May 10th, 1962 in Fadiobougou near Welessebougou. Coming from a blacksmith's family, his father, Djomadje Samake was the ...

Shamanism in Nepal- PART 1

Hinduism, Animism and Buddhism are the major religions practiced in Nepal. Regardless of their religion, however, the majority of people turn to the ...

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